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Talbot Torro ISOPOWER T4005 Ultra-Carbon 4 Racket

Talbot Torro ISOPOWER T4005 Ultra-Carbon 4 Racket

New slim shaft with approximately 0.5mm reduced diameter giving not only the supralight weight but also providing reduced air resistance, resulting in better handling and increased speed. The large grommet holes each right and left of the inside frame make the “Mega Power Zone”.  These holes allow the strings to swing more freely and cause a higher rebound effect in the sweet spot area, resulting in greater power. 

Constructed from Carbon 4 and Kevlar, an extremely resistant and stiff high-tech graphite.  This allows for higher stringing tensions, maximizing acceleration and reducing the risk of breakage. Special 1 cm longer shaft which produces a higher recoil effect when hitting the shuttlecock developing maximum power and highest speed. 

  • 91 grammes strung weight
  • Carbon 4 with Kevlar
  • Two piece shaft and frame
  • Mid flex
  • Head balance
  • Slim shaft
  • Strung 11 Kgs
  • Long Shaft