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Talbot Torro BISI Junior Racket

Talbot Torro Bisi Junior racket (up to 11 years old)

In England, the rackets of this series have been selected as the official rackets for schools, the "Badminton Into Schools Initiative" (BISI).

BISI rackets with special handles for learners and the dropped shaped heads have been particularly developed for kid and junior learners. They are also recommended by the German Badminton Association within the racket speed model.

  • Innovative short kid's racket
  • Length 23" (58 cm), up to age 11 years
  • Drop-Form head shape
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • TATO Galaxy string
  • Weight 95 grms Strung

Oval Handle for school sport and beginners, making learning the correct holding of the racket simple.