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VICTOR S82 AF Indoor Shoe

VICTOR S82 AF Indoor Shoes

Developed for the special demands of indoor sports, the S82 shoe is the latest generation of VICTOR's SPEED series.

The shoes offers great stability and grip. It's light weight makes it an agile shoe, supporting fast movement.

Featuring the new NEO DUPLEX midsole, the dual wedge ENERGYMAX V structure with Light Resilient EVA complements the dynamic movement of the foot, ensuring exceptional support and cushioning it during fast and explosive movements.

  • Carbon Power: Three-dimensional carbon fiber sheeting provides stability to the sole and reduces torsional stress on the arch
  • Light Resilient EVA: A new, fully enhanced, lightweight, highly resilient and durable midsole that improves shoe life, reduces weight by 19%, increases flexibility by 5% and reduces muscle loading during intense exercise (compared to traditional EVA)
  • V-Brake: The square V-shaped design for more responsive and agile footwork, while offering increased durability
  • Breathing: A unique breathable mesh layer is used to increase ventilation for added comfort
  • Neo Duplex: a new dual-density compensated midsole with a 7° angle to balance the moments and angles of the knee and ankle joint during exercise
  • V-Shape Toe: Designed to reduce excess space and give the shoe a slimmer shape
  • VSR: Improved rubber outsole, anti-slip performance increases by 21% on dry PU flooring
  • V-Durable+: The inner surface of the toe is equipped with a protective coating and a wear-resistant layer for improved endurance
  • EnergyMax V: Improves shock absorption on the heels by 27%
  • Colour: Bright White/Hawaiian