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VICTOR DriveX F T Badminton Racket

VICTOR DriveX F T Badminton Racket

A redefinition of control-orientated rackets. The DriveX series offers power, stability and precise handling. The Dynamic Hex frame and balanced weight configuration makes this one of the easiest series to use. 

This badminton racket is perfect for competition players who want to take the next step in an efficient way. Its medium flexible shaft and head heavy balance make this an all-round badminton racket, which is suitable for many competition players or recreational players.

Hard Cored Technology improves the stiffness and elasticity of the frame to offer optimum responsiveness, allowing you to execute every move with precision.

The DYNAMIC-HEX frame adds an extra dimension to the racket design. This unique frame improves aerodynamics and increases the sweet spot, allowing you to deliver powerful strokes with more precision and control.

  • Material High Resilience Modulus Graphite, Nano Fortify TR+, PYROFIL
  • Weight5U
  • Strung Weight Abt. 84g
  • Grip size G6
  • String Unstrung +Set VBS
  • Max String Tension 28lbs (12.5kg)
  • Balance Head Heavy
  • Stiffness Medium
  • ColourLilac