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VICTOR Auraspeed HS PLUS C Badminton Racket

    The VICTOR Auraspeed HS Plus C Badminton Racket is engineered for relentless attackers who crave lightning-fast swings and explosive power. This racket boasts a cutting-edge design and innovative technologies to elevate your game to hyper-speed, including the Free Core and Power Ring technologies that work in tandem to create a larger sweet spot and enhance repulsion for explosive power in every shot. 

    Its ultra-thin frame and compact head minimises wind resistance, generating unparalleled speed for continuous drive returns. The integrated Wide Extended Sweetspot (WES) 3.0 enlarges the effective hitting zone, while the Anti-Torsion System strengthens the shaft for exceptional stability and power transfer during smashes. 

    The Auraspeed HS Plus C is a weapon of choice for many professional players, including HS Prannoy, the Indian Men's Singles star known for his aggressive play, and Hendra Setiawan, the legendary Indonesian Men's Doubles champion.

    • MaterialHigh Resilience Modulus Graphite, Formosa Carbon Fiber, PYROFIL
    • Grip Size G5
    • Frame Weight 4U
    • Weightabt. 87 g (3U)
    • Balance balanced
    • Stiffness stiff
    • String Unstrung + Set VBS
    • Max String Tension 28lbs (12.5kg)
    • Colour Dull Black